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The world of sex toys is an exciting, diverse and informative place to go visit. Once you get your foot in the door you see endless possibilities of pleasure and play both alone, or with a partner. Getting your foot in the door, however, can be a little difficult. Along with the fact that sex isn’t a freely discussed topic and the sheer number of toys and options available, the search for a sex toy can be quite overwhelming. With a little information, however, anyone can find that perfect toy to enhances their sex life.

Common Types of Adult Toys

Types of Toys: There are a number of basic categories of toys, vibrators, dildos, anal toys, strap on, fetish toys, toys for men and lubes. While many toys fall under multiple categories, each category has a couple defining features that will be pointed out. You don’t have to worry too much about being in the wrong category for a toy because chances are that if you are in the right area you will find the toy listed there as well.

Toys for Women

Vibrators are probably the most common sex toy on the market. They come in a large variety of styles, shapes and functions but they all share one thing in common, they vibrate. Many vibes are meant for clitoral stimulation as it seems to be one of the most effective ways for a woman to orgasm. Vibrations are also enjoyed for just stimulation and enhanced arousal of most other sexual play. These can come in a variety of forms, from penis shaped toys to butterflies and work in a number of different ways. Vibrations are also offered in nearly every other category of toy.

Dildos are a broad range of toys designed for penetration. These toys are built to be inserted in the vagina, anus or even the mouth so most often they are phallic, or cylindrically shaped. These toys are great when there is no penis available, yet you still really want to have something inside of you. Dildos are also very nice for double penetration or anal play.

Anal, Strap-Ons & Fetish Sex Toys

Anal Toys differ from dildos because they aren’t always meant for repetitive entry and withdrawal. Although some are, a large number of them are specially designed to be inserted and then left in place while other areas of the body are stimulated. Anal toys are also often a little more slender or shorter than their vaginal counterparts and have a larger base to make sure that they don’t go in too far. Beads are also very common in anal play because they offer a slow progression of size and the variation of diameter seems to be very effective in arousal.

Strap-ons are a great toy to have when playing with a partner. There are some strap on vibrators that are designed to only stimulate the wearer but the majority of them are meant for partner play. Usually there is a harness that fits around the pelvic area with a dildo attachment. Some of these dildos have hollow shafts to provide extra girth and/or length for a man, some are penis shaped and sized while others are more slender or shaped for anal penetration.

Fetish Toys can be of all sorts. Basically, it refers to any toys or props that don’t fall under the basic sex category. It includes restraints like cuffs or ropes, gags, different materials like rubber, latex or leather, props like wedges or chairs, harnesses or sex swing, whips, feathers and just about anything else under the sun. Everyone has different thing that they like during foreplay or sex so the ‘miscellaneous’ category was lumped together and named fetish. Many people who look through a fetish toy category will run across a number of things that get their imagination going. If you are exploring the world of sex toys, never leave without spending a little time browsing this category. You never know when something might spark your interest and you can always find interesting, new things to try out. You may be more kinky than you realized!

Toys for Men

There is also a whole category of toys devoted to men. Male masturbator toys usually provide a hole (or three) to thrust into, while cock rings help keep an erection harder longer. There are also penis pumps that provide suction which temporarily increases size and girth and toys that can be used with a partner. Since many of the sex toy categories cater towards women, this is a comprehensive category for toys that men can enjoy on their own or with a partner.

No discussion of sex toys is complete without talking about lubrication. It is critical to know the material your toys are made of and what lubes they are compatible with. There are primarily water based and silicone based lubricants and each has its advantages and disadvantages. There is also a variety of range in viscosity from a very thin lubrication to thicker, gel-based lubes. You can also find lubes with different flavors to make licking intimate areas even more fun, ones that facilitate a warming sensation when applied or lube specifically designed for anal play. Using the right kind of lubricant and enough of it can make any toy experience a more pleasant one. Lubrication makes everything smoother, better and more pleasurable.

Toy Cleaners

Toy Cleaners are also a critical part of any toy buying decision. Different toy materials require different methods of cleaning, so it is important to make sure you have the right cleaner for the right toy. Toys made from silicone and glass or Pyrex can be cleaned with just about anything from mild soap and water to bleach or even thrown in the dishwasher. Toys that are made of cyber skin, or jelly rubber tend to need a little more careful cleaning and specific cleaners designed for their porous surfaces.

Armed with this new knowledge, taking that step into the incredible (and pleasurable) world of sex toys can be exciting and informative. Don’t be afraid to try something new!