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Fetish Toys are no longer just for a small, select ‘type’ of person. It is a group of toys that is so broad because basically it is the ‘miscellaneous’ or ‘other’ category of sex toys. Fetish is often referred to as BDSM (Bondage and Discipline, Domination and submission, and Sadism and Masochism) however the category is much broader than that. A fetish is an object or situation that arouses someone, so by definition a fetish toy can be nearly anything. Here, we will touch on many, but not nearly all, sub categories of fetish toys. One of the largest categories of fetish toys is geared towards people who enjoy bondage and discipline. Toys that fall under this category are more often than not restraints of various sorts and implements to use for discipline like a whip or ticklers. Restraints come in a large selection, from a basic set of handcuffs to elaborate systems for restraining people or straight jackets. With bondage it is important to start slowly with your partner and make sure that there is free and open communication regarding how tight things are or the position that you or they are being restrained into.

Toys Designed for Discipline

Toys designed for discipline are just that, they are made to punish the ‘naughty’ partner. The most common toys in this category are whips, paddles or ticklers. Whips come in quite a variety of materials and ‘oomph.’ The sensation from these can range from a mild tickle to quite defined and sharp lingering sting. Ticklers are made to make your partner shiver, rather than full blown tickling, and are often made of feathers, from small metal beads that can be heated up or cooled down, or other contrasting and unique textures.

For Roleplaying Dominance & Submission

For people who enjoy role playing with dominance and submission there are a number of exciting options for toys. One of the most popular toys in this group are the gags. They come in a range of sizes and shape and serve different functions. The most common ball gag keeps the submissive person from speaking until their partner wants them to. Others are made with O rings so that things can still be inserted or have other access. There are even some that are made with attachable dildos to please the dominant partner. Collars and leash sets are also often seen and give the dominant partner direct control and power over their sub and help the submissive person feel like they ‘belong’ to their partner.

S & M Sex Toys

Sadism and masochism toys range quite a bit. Many of these focus on providing extra stimulation to the cusp of the pleasure and pain barrier. Nipple clamps of nipple vibrators are a great example of this. Made to either provide lots of suction or clamp down on a person’s (male or female) nipples, they increase the blood flow and sensitivity and when combine with manual stimulation or vibrations the sensations can be quite ecstatic for someone who is a mild masochist. Whips are often also found under this category since you can pack quite a punch with some of these whips or paddles to already sensitive areas. When partaking in this kind of play, having a safe word or some way to signal to your partner that the sensation is too intense is quite important because only you know the moment that pleasure does turn to pain. True pain is when things start doing more serious physical damage and that needs to be avoided.

Because we are talking about fetish toys, something that should be addressed is the kind of material used. There is a relatively large population whose fetish is rubber, latex or leather. The feel, smell and consistency of these materials is actually arousing to them so other toys or items of clothing made from them can add an extra level of arousal. Pay attention to the kinds of material you like the feeling of on your skin or the way it looks on yourself or another person. Chances are that you have a preference yourself, whether it be silk or latex, and explore that in the bedroom.

Water play and toys is something that isn’t talked about much but becoming more and more popular. These are toys or systems designed for two main goals. One is for pleasure and arousal and the other is for cleanliness. Most of these systems are multipurpose so can be used as either a douche or enema. Some even have ‘rabbit’ style attachments with a vibrating bunny or a g spot wand. These can be lots of fun by yourself or with a partner.

The Best Bondage Furniture

Slings or swings are also often found in the category of fetish toys. These can be as simple as a strap with two handles to get that perfect doggy style position or elaborate contraptions that suspend one partner in the air for easy access and a variety of gravity defying positions. These can be found in a variety of styles that can be mounted onto your ceiling or made to fit in your door jam. Others are designed to fit on your bed for better grip and positioning. Most of them are multi-purpose and the uses are only limited by your imagination.

This list is in no way an exhaustive list of types of fetish toys but it gives a taste of the possibilities and options available to those who are interested.

Fetish toys can be a lot of fun but not everyone is turned on by all of them. When exploring with your partner, communication is vital. You always need to have clear and open communication going so you know what is working or not for them and for you. Safety is also very important. Make sure that you both have discussed how and when play will stop if one of the people becomes uncomfortable or feels unsafe.

Most people are at least a little kinky in bed and finding out what your fetish is can be an exciting and liberating experience. Enjoy!