Ext Perfect Fit Fat Boy Thin

Ext Perfect Fit Fat Boy Thin


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Perfect for guys looking for an ultra-real feeling sheath. The super strong Fat Boy Thin gives that extra girth to your penis without it being too large for your partner to handle. It’s incredibly easy to get on and off and stays in place by hooking onto your scrotum with the opening hole at the base of the sheath, which also gives the most pleasing pull on your scrotum.

The Fat Boy Thin also makes a great stroker with its nubs and ribs and soft cushioned feeling on the inside. It is made of Silaskin, which is a mix of Silicone and TPR which gives it an unbelievable stretch factor. It is not compatible with latex products. The inner diameter is 6.5 in. which is designed for a snug fit and a perfect size extender for penetration.

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