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About Us

In May of 1993, we came home from working at a local night club, tired of years doing the same thing.  My wife was waiting tables at the club, and I was working as a disc jockey.  We both wanted to unwind after work, and since it was 2 am, we decided to watch TV.  A series called Real Sex that aired on HBO came on, and we begin to watch it.  This particular episode was about an Upscale sex shop in Germany.  The elderly lady that they were interviewing was explaining the business, and we had never seen anything like it before.  We talked about the show afterwards, and how there was nothing like that here in Johnson City, TN.  So we decided to try a quick call to an international operator about the business we had saw on the show, and it was very enlightening.  When I asked the international operator for the number to the shop, she quickly replied, "What is this business?  I have been flooded with calls asking for the same number."  We knew then that we were on to something.  We were so excited with the thoughts of quitting our jobs and starting a business that we couldn't sleep.   We ended up watching another show, an infomercial that was selling the idea that if you have a product that you could sell through mail order you could make lots of money.  So the two shows themes inspired the idea of buying products and selling them through mail order by running newspaper ads.  We decided that we would rent a building as a backup plan to have a small storefront.  We ordered products, ran ads in local news papers and modestly stocked a storefront.  With less than $1,000 dollars and a credit card, we were on our way to being in business.  While we waited for our first mail order to be placed, we stocked the shelves with our mail order products, so maybe someone might see our cardboard open sign and come in and shop.  Then the craziest thing happened, people actually stopped and shopped in our store front and they bought!!!!  We were so excited!

Now 20+ years and 7 stores later, we have evolved into a store that caters to both couples and individuals.  We’ve prided ourselves on creating an atmosphere that is safe to explore your sexuality with innovative products, and a friendly and knowledgeable staff that can answer intimate questions about products and how they work.  We offer a wide variety of lingerie, apparel, adult novelties, movies, sexy shoes, supplements, men's boxers and so much more.